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Women aren’t just born clingy, they’re made that way. Today, our Orange County matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service will review how to tell if you’re a clingy woman and how you can go about changing those needy ways.

There is a very small line between being a clingy girlfriend and being a loving one. Sometimes, even the best girlfriend can be a clingy one without even knowing it. But realize it or not, our Orange County matchmakers know that being too clingy in a relationship can cause many problems.

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What Is a Clingy Girlfriend?

Clingy girlfriends are girlfriends who don’t feel they are appreciated or loved in a relationship. This lack of love becomes insecurity, which can eventually express itself in the form of pleas for attention. And that is what clingy girlfriends crave, attention.

A clingy girlfriend is someone who doesn’t get enough love or just wants more and more from her boyfriend. But can that really be a bad thing? Well, that depends, and our Orange County matchmakers will show you why.

One boyfriend might love to be attached to your hip while another might want to be away, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Does that mean one boyfriend is better than the other? Well, it all depends on your own perspective of what love is.

When you enter a new relationship, it’s not easy to know how clingy you are, so we want to help you out. If you have ever had a conversation with your man where he’s told you that you’re too clingy, don’t panic. Today, our Orange County matchmakers will review some clingy girlfriend signs and what you can do about it if you’re guilty of being too clingy and needy with your man.

1. Space in a Relationship

This is what most men despise about their clingy girlfriends, the lack of space. Do you give your boyfriend plenty of time to do whatever he wants? Men enjoy their space and they do need their alone time, even if it’s just to go for a run. This is their way to unwind from a stressful day, and it’s perfectly healthy.

2. You Love Talking for Hours

You might love the idea of sitting on your couch and talking to him for hours on end, and while your man might have loved this in the beginning of the relationship, as things get settled, he might not be so keen on the idea. Now, this does not mean he loves you less, it just means he wants to do other things, which again is healthy.

If your boyfriend has given hints that he wants to speak less to you on the phone or in person, then you might have to cut your conversation shorter. You have to know when to give the proper breathing room.

3. You No Longer Have a Life of Your Own

We advise you to get your own life. Get your own friends and hobbies so you’re not always looking to him to entertain you. Respect yourself and don’t always be available at his beckon call. If you don’t want to be labeled a clingy girlfriend, then you need to have a life beyond your boyfriend. Don’t make him your whole life; otherwise, you’re going to depend on him for everything.

4. You Believe Everyone Is a Bad Influence on Him

Your boyfriend got along fine with all his friends, until you came into the picture. You fell in love with him for who he is, so don’t change things up on him now. Sure, he might have a few bad friends, but instead of asking him to avoid them, help him see his friends flaws and mistakes so he doesn’t make them. You never want to outright forbid your boyfriend from seeing his friends or he’ll be resentful of you.

5. You’re Always a Damsel

Of course men love being the protectors. Ask for help and your boyfriend will gladly assist you; however, if you ask for too much, he’s going to get sick of it and be annoyed with you.

6. You’re Insecure about Attractive Women

Do you feel insecure when your boyfriend spends time with an attractive woman? Why? Are you afraid he’s going to leave you for her? This might be because you’re running low on self-esteem. Being too possessive with who your man hangs out with will make you a clingy girlfriend. No man wants to have their girlfriend breathing down their neck all the time, especially when they are not in the wrong.

7. You Hate It When He Spends Time with His Friends

So you hate it that your man spends time with his friends instead of going out with you? You hate it when he goes out for a drink with coworkers or even when he goes to the movie with his little brother. Why do you think this is happening?

As long as your man is spending a healthy amount of time with you, you must allow him to break away and spend some time with his friends and family. Perhaps the only reason you feel lonely is because you don’t have a life of your own and expect your boyfriend to be with you 24/7. Again, our Orange County matchmakers advise you to get your own life and friends so you’re not counting on him to keep you entertained all the time. Sounds harsh, but it’s healthy for both of you and the relationship together.

8. You’re Always Suspicious

Just because your boyfriend is out with his friends or working late doesn’t mean he has cheated on you. Always being suspicious will make you a clingy girlfriend. Men don’t like to be questioned about what they’re up to, so if you’re the type of girlfriend who needs to know her boyfriend’s whereabouts every single moment, he’s going to be annoyed with you.

How to Stop Being Clingy

• Know you are beautiful. Believe it yourself and have self-respect.
• Work on improving your self-esteem and believe that you deserve him as a boyfriend.
• Be independent and make him want you.
• Be mysterious. Don’t always be predictable. An open book gets boring quickly.
• Always make him want you more. Never smother him or give him too much too soon.

If you have ever been called a clingy girlfriend in the past, give this article some serious thought because no one wants to be with a clingy girlfriend. If you want to maintain a happy and healthy relationship, you must overcome any insecurities you have and show him you have a life of your own.


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