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It’s hard not to notice when your boyfriend starts to pull away. He doesn’t text you as much as he used to, he doesn’t ask you about your day, and doesn’t initiate making plans anymore. He seems to be a little distant when the two of you talk and just seems all around less interested than he used to be during the early stages of the relationship. You might have no clue why he is acting this way. Did you do something wrong? Not necessarily, but you might have. A lot of times, a relationship just fizzles out, while other times the woman is guilty of doing things to push her man away.

If your boyfriend seems to be getting bored and is pulling away, you might be guilty of a few of the following relationship turns off for men. Today, our Coto de Caza matchmakers at Orange County Singles Dating Service will unveil the top reasons men lose interest and pull away in a relationship.

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1. You always need his reassurance.

Needing reassurance is something all humans do; after all, who doesn’t like to be told they’re worthy, adored, and loved? But if you let it become a habit, it will become annoying to your boyfriend. A healthy relationship is built on trust, which means you need to trust your boyfriend when he says he loves or when he tells you that you are beautiful, smart, and adorable. You shouldn’t constantly ask him to tell you that you’re beautiful to boost your self-esteem. Fishing for compliments will get old quickly.

Did you know that men want to be with a woman who is confident and secure in her own skin? If you’re constantly fishing for compliments, you’re going to push your man away. If you’re not happy with yourself, no amount of reassurance from him will take care of that. Your need for reassurance could be the reason you push your boyfriends away because it becomes burdensome on them. You owe it to yourself to love yourself and to make yourself easily lovable.

2. You’re very nosy.

There it is, he just left it on the sofa unattended. His phone is there all alone while he goes to the bathroom, so what do you do? You quickly snatch it up, unlock it, and get right in. Either he catches you red-handed or let something slip later on in conversation. Ask yourself: what makes you want to look through his text messages or go through his jean pockets? What are you really searching for? Is it because you don’t trust him? Or is it because your ex-boyfriend cheated on you?

Do you have valid concerns to go through his stuff, or are you doing it because you’re just insecure? If you can’t trust your boyfriend, then why are you with him in the first place? If your boyfriend hasn’t done anything to deserve this and you’re just being paranoid, you could be destroying a good thing by snooping around his things.

3. You pressure him into doing things he doesn’t want to do.

From time to time, women might give their boyfriends a little push forward when it comes to trying new things, like a new food or getting out of the house instead of watching football all day on Sundays. Change is good as it moves you beyond your comfort zone. However, men don’t appreciate when it’s forced upon them. They don’t want to be bullied into doing things they don’t really want to do. Do you really think he wants to tag along on your four-hour shopping sprees? Do you think he wants to volunteer to hang out with you and your gal pals while you man bash and gossip?

If you are pushing your boyfriend to do things he doesn’t want, or even giving him ultimatums, then you’re going to end up pushing him away. Don’t try to hammer him into doing things he doesn’t want to do. Good relationships are supported by understanding and honesty, not by control.

4. You make him the center of your world.

Finally, Prince Charming is here, or at least that’s what you believe. He is everything you wanted in a boyfriend and everything you’ve been planning your entire life. In your fairy-tale romance, you’re blinded by infatuation and make your new boyfriend the center of your world. You are intoxicated by your new relationship, and all you can think of is your happily ever after.

Your happiness is not a light load to carry, and if you place it all on his shoulders, it’s going to be too much for him. Soon enough, you’ll cause him to run for the hills. We know that you’re happy you found someone who you believe could be your future spouse. But in the midst of it all, don’t forget to slow down a little and breathe. While everything might seem perfect and flawless in the beginning, all relationships will have their ups and downs as the years go by. Don’t build your whole world around one person and forget about the rest of your life.

5. You act like his mom.

You see that he forget to take his dish to the sink, so what do you do? You nag him about it. He has a little food on his face, so your first instinct is to rub it off. He lets his dirty socks on the floor so you tell him to put them in the hamper. You leave him sticky notes throughout the house with daily reminders. You might even pack his lunch every day of the week. Does this sound like you? If it does, it’s time to take a step back and stop acting like his mother.

Being in a relationship is not about doing everything for your new boyfriend. After all, he is an adult and is capable of doing things on his own. Does he really need you to do all those things for him? You are equal to him. You are not his mother and shouldn’t treat him like a baby. Focus some of that time and energy on doing things to better yourself and your relationship.

Now you know the top five things women do to push men away in relationships, so you should be able to snap out of these bad dating behaviors and make this relationship the one that lasts!

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