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There are so many beautiful single women in Orange County, California.  But the question is, where do they all go?  Orange County isn’t a small place, so there are so many venues to choose from.  You have probably tried bars, lounges, private clubs, online dating sites, and even popular mobile dating apps.  But no matter how much you try, you’re still not striking luck in love, which is the reason you’re sitting at home reading this article, right?

Being a single man in Orange County is both a blessing and a curse.  Everywhere you go, you see beautiful women, but they’re always in a rush or on their phone, so you can’t approach them.  You know the right women are out there, you just don’t know where.

So here comes the biggest question: where do beautiful single women in Orange County hang out?  You know they’re right here in your backyard, but where do they go?  Our OC matchmakers have the answer to your question!

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Where to Meet Single Women in Orange County – Our Top 4 Picks

As professional matchmakers and dating coaches, our male clients ask us this question a lot.  We hear it every week, and we always answer it with a little question of our own.  We simply ask what they’re currently doing to meet women.  Many of our clients tell us they’re trying online dating sites, Tinder, and the local bars and clubs.

While those places certainly put you in touch with a lot of single women, the women who frequent those places aren’t likely on the search for a meaningful relationship.  If you are a discerning man who is looking to settle down, you need to look elsewhere.  So where should you branch out?  We’re going to tell you the top 4 places to meet single women in Orange County you never thought about.

1. Charity Events

There is nothing greater than giving back to those in need.  But did you know that volunteering could actually put you in contact with kindhearted single women in Orange County?

Look for charity events that are focused on women’s issues or other things you might be interested in.  If you have a heart for animals, then check out your local shelter.  If you’re good with elders, then volunteer at a senior citizen center.  If you’re a fabulous uncle, then why not become a big brother?

2. Networking Events

Did you know that another great way to meet single women in Orange County is by attending networking events?  No matter your profession, it never hurts to network and get to know more people in your industry.  Meeting new people in your industry will not only open the doors for new career opportunities, but it can also allow you to meet career-oriented single women.  So why not do both and attend a networking event?

The trick for this one is picking a networking event that is tailored towards women.  Find groups that women are interested in and attend the seminars and events.  These events will draw women like bees to honey, and the best perk of all is that they’re all successful women who are looking to advance in their careers.  It’s time to start networking and attracting quality women to your life.

3. Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are the newest way to meet single women in Orange County.  The first thing you notice when you attend a class is that most of the people in attendance are women.  Why?  Because women love yoga.  So what does this tell you about yoga classes? They give you the perfect opportunity to meet health conscious women who take care of their mind and body.

Now before you think that you’re going to walk out of yoga class with a woman on each arm, know that it can be a little tricky to meet women here.  Women already know that some men only attend yoga to pick them up, so you don’t want to give that vibe and start picking women up during your first class.  You seriously need to have an interest in yoga for this one, guys.  If you’ve never given it thought, it doesn’t hurt to check out a class.  You could be pleasantly surprised with your yoga experience.

Now, there is another tricky thing about talking to women at yoga classes.  Just like you don’t want to be interrupted while lifting weights, they don’t want to be bothered when doing yoga. The only time you can talk to them is at the beginning and end of the class.  Try getting there early because many women will get there early to chitchat too.

4. Cooking Classes

Perhaps the second most important thing in life for you (after looking for women) is probably eating.  After all, what guy doesn’t love to eat?  One of the best ways to meet relationship-minded women is to attend cooking classes.  Did you know that a lot of women attend cooking classes in Orange County?  Well, they do.  If you have always wanted to learn how to cook Vietnamese or Thai, now is the perfect time to do it.  Not only are cooking classes a great way to expand your kitchen skills and meet women, but once you meet someone who catches your eye, you’ll also be able to wine and dine her with your own kitchen creations.

Now you know the top four places our matchmakers encourage men to meet women in Orange County.  With summer in the air, it’s time to get out there and start attracting quality single women into your life and find your summer love.

If you’re too busy and don’t have time to do the activities we mentioned above but still want to find love, let our matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service help you meet single women in Orange County who are successful, attractive, relationship-ready, and totally compatible with you!  Fill out the quick and easy survey at the top of this page to reserve your FREE (no-obligation) matchmaking consultation today!

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