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Are you finding it hard to cope your new single status? Let Orange County professional matchmakers give you expert advice to help you heal and move on… and eventually find love again.

Not every relationship can be successful. And most people have experienced at least one breakup during their lives. While being dumped by someone you love can be heartbreaking, deciding that you have to leave the relationship is not much easier either. If you think that you need to get back and start dating again, our Orange County matchmakers want you to know that breakups can cause a lot of psychological issues. While the support from close friends and family members can help you ease the pain, it is still important to take time to care for yourself, especially if you have lost a long term relationship or are going through a divorce. By getting some distance and perspective from your failed relationship, you’ll eventually find that things will become much easier, giving you the chance to find love one more time around.

Today, our professional matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service will teach you some simple tricks to get back to dating again.

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1. Don’t Try to Get Back Together

If you broke up with them, there was a reason for it. And trying to date them again will only lead to disappointment and heartache.

2. Don’t Overanalyze

It is very normal to reminisce about your past relationship and partner, especially during the days after the breakup. However, doing so can actually prevent you from moving forward and getting on with your life. When you are constantly focusing on the past, it will prevent you from moving onto new possibilities. Our matchmakers want you to know it’s now time to move forward.

3. Be Careful When Trying to Remain Friends

This works only for a few lucky people out there, but in most cases, the pain is just too strong. You could find yourself being tempted to try to give it another shot but getting in a lot of arguments. If you do want to be friends with them, great. Our matchmakers want you to take some time off after the breakup to let things cool off before you start being friends with them again. Being friends right after a breakup can prevent you from healing and moving on. We suggest you give it a little bit of time first.

4. Take It Easy on Yourself

Many people become too critical following the days after the breakup, but it’s very important not to get wrapped up about your feelings. When a relationship comes to an end, it’s common to think back to everything that went wrong or what you could have done differently, but it is important to recognize that doing self-evaluation can sometimes be more hurtful than helpful.

5. Let Go of the Past

Remove any reminders from your previous relationship that you don’t need for your everyday living. You can keep a few of the things you are the most fond of from the relationship and time you spent together, but make sure you put them away for the first few weeks post-breakup. This will help you avoid reminiscing and getting sad all over again.

6. It’s Okay to Rely on Others

Your close friends and family members provide a great support system that will help you through difficult times. Pay attention to them and make sure you don’t just rely on one person as it will wear them out. Talk to as many of your friends as you can and you will feel better.

7. Focus on the Positive Things

Despite all the pain you’re feeling right now, there is always something that can be learned from a failed relationship. Through healthy reflection you can identify certain things you are good at and what you want from a partner in your next relationship.

On the same note, you can also learn things you want to avoid in your next relationship. Refocusing on yourself post-breakup is healthy and often an important step to start dating again.

8. Understand the Loss Is Only Temporary

Even if you are getting out of a long term relationship or a marriage, you need to understand that the loss you’re feeling is only temporary. You will not be single forever. Our professional matchmakers know you will eventually find someone special once again… Regardless of your age or situation, you will find love again.

9. Boost Your Confidence

The breakup of a committed relationship not only causes stress, but it can also deflate your ego. However, we want you to understand that feeling is completely normal. You need to understand that the search for love doesn’t end just because you have experienced a failed relationship. Breakups happen daily and are a part of dating. Rather than focusing on your bruised ego, reconnect with yourself and take some time to participate in activities you enjoy.

Here is how you can improve your confidence.

• Hang out with friends and family members that make you feel loved and appreciated.
• Participate in activities you enjoy.
• Write down how you feel in a journal.
• Set small goals and achieve them.

10. Embrace Change

Try looking at the end of your relationship as an opportunity to bring new change into your life. For some people, the idea of being single again can be downright scary, and because of this, many people stay in bad and unhealthy relationships. While you need to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, you need to get out and embrace change.

11. Don’t Jump into Rebound Relationships

While it’s a good idea to start dating, it isn’t a good idea to jump into a serious relationship right away. A relationship right after a breakup is going to be a rebound one, which is a mistake that will set you back in your progress.

Overall, while time will heal your wounds caused by your breakup or divorce, working on bettering yourself will make the process go a lot faster. If you have been wondering how you will get over your breakup, just take the advice from our professional matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service. And remember to take things one day at a time. Eventually, you will become stronger, happier, more confident, and you’ll find yourself in a serious and loving relationship once again. If you’re looking for help on your dating quest, contact one of our matchmaking experts today!


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