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You might be in the early stages of dating him. Or you might not even be sure if the two of you are dating at all. Regardless, there’s a guy in your life and you have a feeling he’s falling for you. But how can you be sure? Today, our Irvine dating experts here at Orange County Singles Dating Service will show you the telltale signs he’s catching serious feelings for you.

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1. You catch him staring at you a lot.

When the two of you are hanging out, you often glance up to see him lovingly checking you out. There’s nothing subtle about those puppy dog eyes he’s giving you. He can also be found staring at you from across the room when he’s hanging out with his friends. It’s obvious that you’re on his radar.

2. He talks about you to his friends.

Maybe you know because he let it slip that he was telling his friends about you, or you met one of his friends and they told you that they heard many good things about you. Whatever the case, you know that he’s talking to his friends about you, which is a huge sign that he’s catching serious feelings for you. If you were just another girl, he wouldn’t take time to mention you over and over to his friends.

3. He texts you silly things throughout the day.

You know about the peanut butter doughnut he ate the other day and the squirrel that almost tripped him when he was running in the park. He loves to text you, even the most mundane things. This is a huge indicator that he’s falling for you hard. He’s looking for any excuse to talk to you.

4. He’s happy to spend time with you.

He’s a busy guy with a hectic schedule, like most guys are. But he’s happy to spend his free time with you. He doesn’t give up his whole life for you because that would be making himself too available. He continues to live his life but spends some time with you when he can. He never complains about hanging out with you and doesn’t cancel plans.

5. He loves cuddling.

Cuddling on the weekends instead of going out, that’s what he’s all about. Cuddling is this guy’s favorite thing to do with you. Sure, going out is fun and all, but you can’t beat cuddling at home watching movies.

6. He knows little things about you.

Is it weird that he knows how you like your coffee in the morning or that you have a scar on your back? No, because the two of you have spent so much time together swapping stories and enjoying each other’s company. You learned a lot about each other along the way. If he remembers little things about you, that’s a huge sign he’s falling for you.

7. He tells you he misses you.

When you’re not together, he makes sure he tells you how much he misses you. He knows that you’re a woman worth missing. It would be one thing if he kept his feelings to himself but he takes it a step further and lets you know how he feels. He is definitely falling hard.

8. He stops talking to other women.

If he mentioned that he’s stopped talking to other women, then he’s definitely falling for you. Sure, the two of you haven’t had the relationship talk yet, but he’s definitely moving things in the right direction. He is telling you this because he wants you to know you’re the only woman in his life.

Maybe beyond not talking to other women he also mentions committing to you. Maybe he’s dropping little hints every now and then. Remember that if a guy does one or a few of these things, he’s definitely falling hard for you. So what are you waiting for? Now you know he has serious feelings for you—you know exactly where you stand.

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