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Are you one of the many singles in Orange County whose nerves get the best of them when it comes to dating? You’re not alone. As Irvine matchmakers with over 30 years of experience in the Orange County dating industry, we’ve seen, heard, and worked through it all. We’ve helped divorced singles, single parents, senior singles, shy singles, and busy professional singles pinpoint and overcome their dating obstacles. We can help you do the same.


Don’t beat yourself up for your lack of dating success. There isn’t anything wrong with you. We know you’re a great catch, and now it’s time you let your amazing qualities shine. It’s time you free yourself from the nerves and anxiety that plague your dating life.

Everyone feels a little nervous and anxious when they’re heading out on a date. And you know what, most of them make a few mistakes. But there are a few select people whose nerves really get the best of them, causing them a string of disastrous dates. But how do you turn it all around? How do you make your dating life jitter-free?

Our Irvine matchmakers are here to save the day. Read on as our dating gurus share some of their insight to successful dating.

1. Be Attentive & Actively Listen   

A lot of men make the mistake of talking excessively throughout the date. We get it, it happens. Nerves take over and you just can’t stop spewing at the mouth to fill those never-ending (or so they feel) pauses and awkward silences. It’s not uncommon to ramble out of nervousness, but it’s killing your dating life.

Instead, sit back, be attentive, and actively listen when she talks. Not only does this allow her to tell you about herself, but it also takes some of the pressure off you to carry the conversation. It’s a win-win!   

2. Get Her to Open Up About Her Life                        

If you’re one of those guys who tends to clam up and can’t get a word out of his mouth to save his life, then we suggest you do some pre-date prep. Brainstorm a list of things to talk about with her beforehand. Have a few questions prepped and ready to fire up. As her how she chose her career, where she grew up, which college she attended, and if she has any siblings.

And remember, everything doesn’t have to be so serious. You can ask her if she has any fur babies, if she’s seen the latest new comedy hit, or anything that will break the ice and get her opening up about herself. Let her know that you’re interested in learning about her life.

3. Don’t Shy Away from a Genuine Compliment

One of the best ways to break the tension and ease everyone’s nerves is to set the tone of the date with a genuine compliment. As you spot something you like about her, don’t hold back, let her know. It can be as simple as letting her know she looks nice. If you notice something you particularly like, let her know it caught your eye.

4. Show Your True Colors

Nothing will push a woman away more than an arrogant guy sitting across the dinner table bragging about himself, especially if his boasting is completely embellished or flat-out untruthful.

Never lie about who you are or your accomplishments in life. Let her get to know you for you.

5. Be a Gentleman or a Lady

This one should go without saying, but you’d be surprised how many guys find themselves questioning whether they should open the door, pull out the chair, and take her jacket. Some guys stumble a bit because they don’t want to offend her. But you should always be chivalrous with women. Do the little things other guys overlook and make yourself stand out from other guys she’s been out with before. And ladies, be sure you are accepting and appreciative of a guy’s kind gestures.

Guys, we know the dating scene is a little rougher on you because all the planning seems to be reserved for a guy, right? But ladies have it tough too. Both genders face a lot of anxiety and stress when it comes to dating. Use these helpful tips from our Irvine matchmakers and watch your dating stress fade away.

If you’re struggling to meet the right people on your own, contact us today and let us introduce you to quality singles in Orange County who are attractive, successful, desirable, and compatible with you. Let our Irvine matchmakers help you find your dream partner with ease!

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