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Most guys will go through life thinking they know everything it takes to turn a woman on. And in this moment of ignorance, they fail to realize it’s just about having a nice body, a good looking face, and a six-figure salary.

Clearly, we can’t deny that those things are all great. However, women are attracted to much more.

Women are known to have a great eye for detail and take pleasure in those simply manly quirks that they observe. What are those other random things that turn women on?

Let our Irvine matchmakers show you the top things that turn a women on and make you a catch in their eyes.

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1. Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is unanimously considered a universal turn-on for women. A guy easily gets points in his favor if he keeps his clothes clean and his body well-groomed. For the ladies, an average-looking guy easily beats a good-looking guy if he takes more showers than the latter.

2. Sharp Dress

Women melt for a guy who knows how to dress. Wearing ill-suited clothes – even with a ludicrous price tag attached – will not always guarantee a lady’s attention. In the end, it depends whether a man has a sense of style and taste.

3. A Unique Sense of Fashion

Speaking of good taste in clothes, ladies also swoon guys with a personal fashion sense. Not sticking to the current trends nor dependent on what major retail stores have to offer, this type of guys knows what type of clothes fit his body and personality.

4. Smelling Great

It may seem simple, but women are very picky on how they want their partners to smell. For them, a good-smelling man is someone they see themselves cuddling and hugging. Therefore, they want someone who smells great.

5. Passions & Goals

For women, nothing beats a man who found his life’s purpose and knows exactly what to do and how to do it in order achieve what they want. They know that boys with wishy-washy attitudes get nowhere in life. They’re not worth gambling their own future on.

6. Being Assertive & in Control

He plans dates before the actual date day and decides which restaurant will be the best one to go. Sometimes, it is refreshing to have the man do all the hard work, so they just slip on a dress and enjoy a romantic date night.

7. Good Cooking Skills

Women think a man who has command of his kitchen skills is highly attractive. Seeing him with his apron on and sleeves rolled up as he prepares dinner is like watching a beautiful model struck a catwalk. It is a no-brainer that men who has good cooking skills are worth keeping.

8. Good Housekeeping Routines

One of those overlook things that turns a girl on? A guy who is capable of running a house on his own. Someone who does the laundry, cooks and buys groceries is worth keeping.

Of course, she would want to be with someone who’s trustworthy and reliable. A guy who can manage a home and keeps it clean is a catch.

If you’re struggling to land a lady, use these tips from our Irvine matchmakers and step up your dating game. If you’re single and want to meet relationship-minded single women in Orange County, contact our matchmakers today. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today.



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