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Our Orange County upscale matchmaking experts will review if the man you’re dating is leading you nowhere or if he likes you and doesn’t know how to say it. Today, we’ll review everything you need to know so you can figure it out, for once and for all.

Are you still trying to figure out whether he’s into you or not? We know this feeling is hard, and for your information, it can take a while. Stop sitting around watching TV because being worried is not going to get you anywhere. What you need to do is watch the way he behaves around you. Today, our Orange County upscale matchmaking experts will review how to tell he likes you.

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How to Tell He Likes You & Is Not Just Leading You On

Today, our Orange County upscale matchmaking experts will review some helpful signs he’s into you. There are many more ways to tell what you have with him is genuine, but for now, we’ll just review a handful of them. Note: all these points may not apply directly to you; however, for those that do, it only means one thing, you are not stuck in the friend zone.

1. He listens to what you have to say and follows up with questions.

One simple way to figure out if a man likes you is by seeing if he listens to what you have to say. You can figure this out by paying attention to what type of questions he asks you. The questions he ask should be relevant to you, not just any old random questions.

2. He taps into your feelings and notices if you switch moods.

He asks you how you’re doing from time to time and tries to figure out if something is bothering you. If he is always concerned about how you’re doing, it’s because he cares about you.

3. He lets other men know you’re off limits.

When a man likes you, he will do what it takes to let other men know you are taken. He is not doing this because he’s jealous but because it’s his nature. If you notice other men coming around you, it is your job to let them know you’re not interested. Our Orange County upscale matchmaking experts know this will help set up limits and let him know you only have eyes for him.

4. He might not face you directly.

Men that like you might avoid facing you directly because they worried or afraid that something might turn you off.

5. He finds random excuses to text you.

Blame it on the what? By now, there isn’t one excuse he hasn’t used to reach out to you. You find it cute that he can’t help but wanting to be in touch with you.

6. He gives you sincere compliments.

You have never had so much confidence before. If you notice he is giving you every compliment in the book, it’s because he wants you to know he is attracted to you.

7. He helps you when you’re in need.

He is the knight in shining armor; he always finds a way to show up right when you need his help. You don’t complain about it because you like how it feels when someone comes to your rescue.

8. He knows what you like.

Not only does he know what you’re into, but he also wants to participate in these things with you. You mention how you enjoy bowling, jogging, or anything else and he wants to take you to do those things on the weekend. Our Orange County upscale matchmaking experts know this is a great sign for you.

9. He talks about you with other people.

Mutual friends have told you that he’s mentioned you before, and he is always proud to tell them he’s going to see you again soon. Men only do these things when they are truly interested in a woman.

10. He brags to them.

He brags to friends and family about your accomplishments, and he tells them how successful you have become.

11. He treats you like a queen.

When you need something done around the house, he’s there to help you. You get a flat tire on the way to work, he’s there to rescue you. He is your prince charming, the one who will save you from anything.

12. He likes your family and they like him.

He met your family and likes them. But it doesn’t stop here because your family thought he was a nice catch for you too.

13. He listens to you carefully.

When you’re telling him a story, he doesn’t cut you off so he can speak. He listens to what you have to say so he can ask questions about it when you’re done. He genuinely shows interest in you.

14. He gives you adequate space.

Some men might appear to like you by not giving you space and drowning you; however, the right man will know that space is important in a relationship. If he lets you have your ‘me’ time, then that’s a good sign.

15. He talks about the future with you.

Another helpful way to tell this man is not just leading you on is if he talks about the future and you’re included in it. It can be as simple as talking about plans for the weekend or a vacation he wants to take together.

16. He doesn’t mind if people see you together in public.

He is proud to be seen with you by his side. He holds your hand and introduces you as his girlfriend.

17. He Worries about you.

After leaving the date, he calls you to see if you made it home okay. If you have a presentation at work, he calls you afterwards to see how it went. If you’re at home sick, he comes to check on you and brings you soup.

So there you have it, ladies, some easy ways to tell that a man is not just leading you on. If he does these things, it’s because he wants to pursue a serious relationship with you.

If you’re having troubles meeting the right men, contact our Orange County upscale matchmaking experts today and let us introduce you to quality men who are also serious about falling in love and settling down.

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