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Technology has changed the world, the dating world included. Now, instead of calling, we text our dates. Instead of arranging plans via phone calls, we arrange them via text. We no longer live in an era of phone calls. Now, everything is through quick and simple messages.

We use webcams when we talk to our dates, and thanks to social media, we can stay connected with the press of a button. All these things have surely changed the way we date, in ways we don’t even realize. But elite matchmakers in Orange County know that although dating has become a little more interesting, it’s a bit more confusing at the same time. Do you want to know more about texting etiquette? Then, read on.

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Texting Mistakes You Need to Avoid in Your Relationship

With texting becoming the easiest way of communicating, you might find yourself turning to it when you miss your partner. But are you unknowingly destroying your relationship? Find out today as elite matchmakers in Orange County reveal the signs below.

1. Texting Too Often Too Soon

If your relationship is fresh, we can probably bet our every dollar that you are very excited about each other. It is natural to want to talk to your partner, but if you’re always texting them, you need to slow down.

Unless you’re trying to kill the mystery in your relationship, then by all means, keep texting your new partner (text them that you are getting coffee, working out, getting a shower, etc. until you bore them to death).

A lot of time and efforts go into text messaging, so imagine being your partner when you’re launching text after text at them every day. They are going to be exhausted after having to read and reply to your bombardment of text messages detailing your every move of the day. Haven’t you ever made fun of someone on Facebook because they shared what they had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Well, it’s the same thing, so tread with caution. You don’t want to make your new love interest feel suffocated.

2. You Don’t Talk in Person

If you plan on having a serious relationship with this person and are looking for true love, then you need to put your cell phone down and engage in face to face talking.

What is the point of being in a serious relationship with someone where all your communication is done via text messages? How will you know your partner is being sarcastic in the story they’re sharing? How do you know if they’re looking to get advice or just vent? When you actually meet in person, things are going to be weird because the only form of communication you have had was through text messaging. Is awkward communication what you really want?

3. Acting like a Detective

If you’re starting to date someone new and they tell you they’re going to play golf or hang out with some friends, this does not mean you should text them asking them who they are hanging out with, what time they’ll be done, or what they mean by “hanging out.”

Does this sound crazy to you? Then, it should. If it doesn’t, well, then elite matchmakers in Orange County encourage you to change your behaviors. Don’t scare your new partner away by bombarding them with incessant questions like a police interrogator. You are not their mother, nor a cop. You are their new significant other, and you should act like one.

4. Too Many Selfies

It’s human nature to get sick and tired of the same song that plays on the radio, eating the same food, and going to the same places. Just like you get tired of your friends posting selfies every day on Facebook, your significant other is going to get annoyed when you send them selfies every day.

We get it, you are attractive and you’re proud of it, but when you are dating someone new, the physical attraction should not be the number one priority. Why bother sending them so many selfies if you haven’t bonded in person?

5. Boring Them to Death

It’s great if you have a fun story to share with your partner, but if you think that sending them a long drawn out novel is right, you’re wrong. There is a reason why many social media sites only allow you to have a specified number of characters. Less is more, so to speak, especially when it comes to texting. Remember to keep it simple.

Your partner does not want to read every detail of how your doctor’s appointment went or how your friend is getting cheated on by their husband. People have responsibilities and things to do and don’t have time to read novels via text messages all the time.

6. Arguing Via Text

You can only assume the tone of your partner when texting, and this couldn’t be truer when you’re fighting. If you are in a brand new relationship, elite matchmakers in Orange County encourage you to stay clear of arguing via text. Not only is it time consuming, but you can use your soft and calm voice rather than relying on a text message, which could be misconstrued.

Though technology has changed many things in life for the better, you should never rely on it to start a new relationship or keep it alive. Elite matchmakers in Orange County want you to put the phone down and stop texting. Get up, get moving, and have some nice face to face conversation with your new partner. This is guaranteed to be a much better option to help you establish a deeper bond together.

If you’re single and searching, contact the expert matchmakers from Orange County Singles Dating Service today and let them help you on your search!



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