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Marriage material

It’s no surprise that men and women are wired completely different when it comes to relationships and marriage. But our Mission Viejo matchmakers know it’s not as different as people think. It’s not that men do want to get married one day, it’s that they don’t want to marry someone just because.

They want to be sure they will marry the right person. They want to know in their hearts and minds that they’re marrying the woman they’re meant to spend their lives with.

Today, our Mission Viejo matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service are going to show you what makes a guy want to marry a woman.

1. She’s fun to be around.

Can she engage him in intelligent conversations that keeps him on his toes? Can she go off on adventures at the drop of a hat? Watch football on Sundays?

The point is, if she’s fun to be around, he’ll immediately place her in the marriage material category. Why? Because men love to be around fun women.

Wouldn’t you too? It’s human nature to want to be close to fun people. So whatever the two of you enjoy doing together, that could be the key for getting him to propose to you.

2. He can be himself around her.

Do you know how wonderful it feels to find someone you can be yourself around? Someone who accepts you for who you are? Someone who appreciates you for everything you do?

That’s why if he feels like he can be himself around her, he will definitely put a ring on her finger.

After all, we live in a world where trolls don’t just live on the internet. Sometimes they can be in our own circle or even family. So to find someone we can share everything with is truly amazing. A man who finds this in a woman isn’t going to let her get away.

3. Her passion matches his.

We all know what happens when passion brims over and takes control. But what if your flames of passion are slower than his? Or the other way around?

The truth is, when both of you are on the same page about your passions and expressions of love, the relationship is more likely to be happy and successful. But when you are not, you will end up bickering all the time and getting frustrated with your partner.

That’s why if her passion does not match his, he will never pick her as his wife.

4. She loves dad jokes.

Face it, men are into dad jokes. As in, jokes that are so lame you don’t even know why you are laughing at the joke.

So if she loves his dad jokes, and has a few of her own ready to go, he will immediately see her as wife material. Guys love to have a woman they can share a good time with. They want to have a partner they can laugh with all the time. When you can laugh about anything and everything, that’s when you know you’re meant to be together.

If you know how to crack some good jokes, as well as laugh at his, he will be prone to pop the question.

5. She gives him space.

Everyone, it doesn’t matter who you are, needs time to themselves. Men are scared of settling down because they’re fearful of losing their independence. When a woman gives a guy time to himself, it’s refreshing. If you can give your guy his space without making him beg for it, he’ll see you as wifey material. It shows that you trust him and want him to maintain his independence. It lets him know that you don’t rely on him for your happiness and that you’re not trying to control his every move.

There are many reasons why a man marries a woman. If you found that special someone with whom you want to share the rest of your life with, follow these tips from our professional matchmakers. The key is to show him that you’re fun, trusting, witty and funny, and understanding.

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