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 If you’ve suffered through a string of bad relationships, finding someone you click with might feel like a daunting task.  Many times it’s easy to give anyone a shot just because you’re both single, even if it’s someone you normally wouldn’t go for.  Have you ever been there?  You’re not alone.  We know many people have been in your very shoes.

Settling for someone you’re not into is one of the worst things you can do.  No one deserves to be stuck in a relationship like that.

It’s time to stop be accepting of people that don’t deserve you.  Besides, life’s too short to be with someone who doesn’t give you butterflies—someone you don’t see a future with—someone who just isn’t right for you.  If you’re feeling unsure about your new relationship, then this list from our matchmakers will surely help you figure out where you stand.  Today, our Newport Beach dating service will reveal five telltale signs you’re setting in your dating life.

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1. Everything Bothers You

It’s normal to get ticked off at your partner at times, but if you’re constantly having visions of ringing their neck every time they forget to put the toilet seat down, this could be a sign you’re dating the wrong person.  Constantly getting annoyed over little things will slowly build up relationship resentment.  And if you find their voice to be downright irritating, then you’re definitely not in the right relationship.

2. You Just Don’t Click

When you first met, you thought the two of you had a lot in common, but you’ve come to find out your attraction to them was only physical.  Over time, you might’ve started noticing that you and your new partner had nothing to talk about.  Your conversations have become dry and you’d rather be on your phone than talk to them.  Does this sound like your relationship?  If so, you’re definitely settling.  Looks fade away with time, so you need more than looks to go on.  If you and your new partner don’t click, it’s time to walk away.

3. You Bend Over Backwards

When you know the relationship is sinking fast but can’t stand the thought of being single, you’ll do anything to keep your new partner.  If you find yourself doing things you’ve never done before, and you’re putting forth more efforts than them, then you’re doing too much.  A healthy relationship is all about balance and an equal amount of efforts from both partners.  If you’re the only one giving, you’re in a one-sided relationship—the wrong relationship.

4. You Feel Guilty About Leaving Them

You thought about ending the relationship but just can’t bring yourself to do it.  In the back of your mind, you feel guilty about dumping them so instead of pulling the trigger and ending it, you continue on in the relationship even though you’re unhappy.  Of course, it’s normal to feel sad when a relationship comes to an end, but at the end of the day your happiness is more important.

5. You Hold On to Hope

Staying in a relationship with someone you hope gets their act in order is only a recipe for disaster.  Sticking with someone who disrespects you, takes you for granted, or isn’t trying to better themselves is likely to drive you crazy.  You deserve to be with someone who respects and adores you, someone you respect and admire.

Hands up if you’re settling in your relationship.  If you’re settling in your dating life, it’s time to wake up and walk away.  You don’t deserve to stay in an unhappy relationship.

If you’re struggling to meet the right partners on your own, then it’s time to hand your romantic life over to an expert.  If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded singles in Orange County, contact our Newport Beach dating service and let our matchmakers do the matching for you.  We’ll introduce you to quality singles who are compatible with you.  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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