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We have introduced thousands of younger women to older men so we know a thing or two about this topic.

While older men can be super cultured, stable in life, and generally put-together, they tend to come with a little baggage too. Before you start dating someone who is older than you, consider our tips.

Today our matchmakers are going to reveal things to consider before dating an older guy.

1. He’s not going to go party with your group.

He’s not going to hit up the bars with your group on the weekend. Why would do something like that? He’s already gone through the party stage of his life many years ago. We’re not saying he’ll be in bed by 7 p.m. eating popcorn every weeknight, but he probably doesn’t want to go out past 10 p.m.

2. He could be player.

Just because he’s older and mature doesn’t mean he has left his game playing dates behind him. One of the reasons he’s single today is probably because he loves to chase. We’re not saying he’s playing with you but if he’s “perfect” why hasn’t’ he been snatched up by now? Have you ever considered it’s because he doesn’t want to settle down yet?

3. You’ll have to keep him young.

Older guys are typically set in their own ways. They’re not spontaneous like younger guys, so you’re going to need to show him a thing or two to keep things fun and exciting in the relationship. Whether that’s playing different music or binge watch shows on Netflix, it’ll be your responsibility to keep things fun and exciting in the relationship. Can you handle all that on your own?

4. He’s going to have many exes.

You might have one or two serious exes, but he’s going to have a lot more than you. In fact, they might even be ex-wives rather than just ex-girlfriends. That doesn’t mean that his exes are his best friends, but there’s a change they might still be a part of life, especially if he has children with them. Be prepared for a few awkward run-in with the exes.

5. He could be too stable.

Odds are, he’s going to be more stable than you are, which is probably a good thing and maybe the reason you like him. Stability can be comforting, we get that. However, it can also make you feel about where you are in comparison to him.

5. He could be ready for marriage.

Is he ready to get married? Probably. Are you ready? Maybe not. Not every older guy is looking to get married, but it’s definitely a possibility. Ask questions before you start dating him before you get caught up in this relationship.

Ready to start dating older guys? Contact our matchmakers today and let us introduce to older men who are fit and ready to be in a relationship.

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