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Thanksgiving is a glorious time of year, especially if you’re spending it with your partner. But you know what makes it even more special? When you invite your friends over and celebrate Thanksgiving as a big group. This holiday is, of course, when you celebrate everything you’re thankful for, and your friendships are certainly something to be grateful for. So why not have a good time with food and drinks and invite your friends over for a fabulous Friendsgiving?

If this is you and your partner’s first time hosting together, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As the best Orange County dating service, we’ve helped many couples celebrate the holidays together. Let our professional matchmakers show you a few tips to have a phenomenal Friendsgiving at your place.

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1. Make It a Potluck Affair

You and your partner don’t have to cook the entire Thanksgiving dinner all by yourselves. And, of course, you friends don’t expect you to do that. Ugh, talk about stress! This is especially too much if you and your partner are not used to cooking for a lot of people. So if you want to have your friends each bring a dish so it’s a potluck affair, then that would be even better. Really, it’s a brilliant idea. Everyone can bring one dish so the whole dinner isn’t on you and your partner. In fact, we’re certain your friends will be delighted to help you out.

2. Make Your Own Drinks

Cocktails are the best part of any holiday, especially Thanksgiving. Hey, everyone needs a few cocktails when the clock reaches 5pm. After all, you have to drink something to work up an appetite for the delicious meal that’s about to be served. You and your partner can make the cocktails and even create the recipes yourselves. It’s not as hard as it seems. Simply Google your favorite drinks and get the lowdown on the best recipes to impress your friends. Eat, drink, and enjoy the quality time with everyone.

3. Get Premade Desserts

If you want to slave in the kitchen all day and bake a billion pies for all your friends, then congratulations to you because you’re the best friend they’ve ever had! But if baking isn’t you or your partner’s thing, then you can get some premade desserts. It’s okay, trust us, your friends won’t judge you for this or think any less of you. Making a billion desserts isn’t the entire point of the holiday. The point of this holiday is to spend time with your friends and family and all those you love and adore.

4. Have Fun with the Décor

Fall decorations are pretty much the cutest things in the world, so go all out and decorate your home in a warm and welcoming way. Go nuts with everything pumpkin, and don’t forget the little ones too because they’re cute to decorate your table with. Buy traditional fall colors like browns, yellows, and oranges.

Also, don’t forget to get a beautiful mum or other seasonal flowers that really set the tone. Then, once it’s all decorated, you can take a picture for your Instagram or Facebook so all your friends know you’re celebrating a fabulous Friendsgiving this year.

So what do you say? We think it’s time to start inviting your friends and get them excited for your upcoming Friendsgiving. We know you and your partner will host the best Thanksgiving ever, and all your friends will be thankful to have as a friend.

If you’re dreading spending the holidays alone and are ready to find that special someone, contact the best Orange County dating service and let our expert matchmakers introduce you to relationship-minded singles in Orange County.

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