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Do you want your boyfriend to learn how to communicate with you? Today, our Orange County professional matchmaking service will show you how to get him to open up with you.

Communication is one of the essential blocks of a successful relationship. Because relationships involve so many emotions and a lot of time spent together, the ability to openly communicate is a key component. A lack of communication can lead to many problems, and these problems can gradually grow to the point it causes the relationship to fail.

Being able to fix issues quickly and effectively without drama is essential. Today, our Orange County professional matchmaking service will show you how to effectively communicate with your boyfriend.

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1. Let Him Know It’s Perfectly Okay to Share His Emotions

Women tend to forget that men are taught from a young age to disguise their feelings because it’s too girly and shows weakness. This could have come as a childhood experience where he was picked on because he cried during a basketball game or even the first time he fell off his bike and his dad told him not to cry.

Whatever the case might be, many men learn to associate being emotional with being weak. In order to get your man to let his guard down, you need to have a genuine conversation with him. Let him know that it’s okay for him to share his emotions. After all, you are his girlfriend and you will not look at him as less manly because of it.

2. Reward Him When He Shares His Feelings

If you have taken notice that your boyfriend is becoming better at expressing himself and is communicating more so than he used to, give him a compliment. Show him you like it and appreciate when he opens up with you. You can give him a kiss, a compliment, or any other way you want.

Your man might not have known how to properly express himself, so when he finally gets it right, you should do something to reward him for his efforts.

3. Never Belittle Men Who Let Their Guard Down

Your boyfriend will not be able to emotionally open up to you if you’re calling men who open up pansies or referring to them as weak. If you want your boyfriend to communicate in a real way with you, then you need to make him feel safe about doing it. He will not feel safe is you’re making fun of men who open up and are emotional.

4. Be an Example to Him

Your boyfriend might be able to learn how to properly communicate with you by following the lead. Maybe he grew up in a household where no one knew how to properly communicate, so showing him the proper way to do it will help him learn how to effectively do it.

This means you need to be able to express yourself without making him defensive. So if you want things to work, you need to learn how to do it first.

5. Learn How to Do It

In today’s modern world, there are many ways in which you can learn from a professional. One of the quickest ways to learn is by watching TV shows which contain relevant information. For example, a show from Oprah, Dr. Phil, or Dr. Drew will show you how to properly communicate issues and other problems you might have.

6. Have Him Read Material about It

If you’re able to get your boyfriend to do this, it might come of good help to both of you. He may be reluctant to read a book about communication, which he probably doesn’t believe is necessary, but if you are able to get him to do it, he’s going to learn a lot.

If he’s not much of a reader, our Orange County professional matchmaking service recommends sending him a short article via his email. Be sure to highlight the parts that are relevant to your relationship.

7. Go Somewhere Special

If you cannot get your boyfriend to open up to you, changing the scenery might be exactly what you need. Sometimes, going for a walk at the park, a stroll along the beach, or even going to his favorite restaurant could be the best way to get him to start talking.

A change of scenery or going somewhere he enjoys will get him to feel comfortable, and once he feels comfortable, he will tell you what’s going on in his mind.

8. Get Him to Spend Time with Good Communicators

This might be a little tricky, but if you know a few friends who are good at expressing themselves, getting your boyfriend to spend time with them might be exactly what he needs to learn.

If your boyfriend spends time with these people, there’s a good chance their communication style will rub off on him. This will improve your relationship dramatically, which is what you’re looking to do.

9. Let Him Know How Much You Love & Care for Him

The amount of affection you show him might not necessarily means he’s going to communicate better, but it can help. The more secure your boyfriend feels in the relationship with you, the more likely he will start communicating better.

The reason for this is that if he feels nervous, he won’t communicate. But if he knows how much you love and care for him, he will start discussing things with you. So make sure you shower him with affection and give him plenty of love.

Our Orange County professional matchmaking service knows that effective communication can really improve a relationship and make it more rewarding. So taking time to learn how to properly get him to communicate is definitely an investment worth your while, especially if you are looking to have a happy and healthy relationship for many years to come.

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