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Loving Woman Embracing Man From Behind Against Clear SkyDoes it feel like every time you meet a guy he ends up being a bad boy? Do Are you one of the many single women in Santa Ana who doesn’t believe there are any good guys left? Well, as Orange County matchmakers, we’re here to tell you one thing: there are plenty of good guys out there! And we know because here at Orange County Singles Dating Service, we work with them every day.

Are you wondering why you can’t find a good guy to date? You’re not alone. There are thousands of single women in Santa Ana who feel the same way you do. But not for long – not if we can help it. Today, our Orange County matchmakers are going to show you the top reasons you can’t find good guys to date.

1. Good guys love taking things slowly.

Unfortunately, a lot of women are used to men expressing their interest right from the very start – even the first time they meet. In turn, we often miss the signs that a lot of guys put out.

Look, your typical bad boy may send you a lot of flirty text messages and be all over you from the very first time he meets you. A good guy will always go slowly in his approach. Don’t miss the signs. Taking things slowly doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any feelings for you. On the contrary, it means he isn’t pushy or just after one thing. He wants to build a connection slowly and see where it goes.

2. Good guys keep their cards close to their chest.

Most guys have been burned by someone in the past. Maybe they went on a few dates and were strung along by a woman who just didn’t want to be alone. Good guys have many emotional wounds, and you need to understand that. Be patient, and when he finally does approach you and tell you his true feelings, you’ll be glad you waited for him to open up.

3. Good guys hang out in different places.

While you can find a good guy just about everywhere you look, they tend to spend more of their free time doing things that improve their lives. Bars and clubs aren’t places where you normally find good guys. You will find good guys at the gym, running at the park, or reading at the library or bookstore.

4. Good guys come in different packages.

Yes, we had to go there. One of the things that draw a lot of women to bad boys is that they’re always charismatic. Furthermore, it’s usually because of their good looks or the way they dress. Good guys may or may not be good looking and they may or may not dress well. More often than not, they don’t put out the same vibe as bad boys. In turn, we tend to overlook them. If you want to meet a good guy, you need to be open and willing to date guys outside your type.

5. Good guys look for good women.

This is something we always forget. As we mentioned earlier, a lot of guys have been burned before. They might’ve been burnt by a bad girl. In other words, they, too, will sit back and judge you based on the way you dress, act, and talk. It’s all well and good to want a good guy, but would you be a good match for him? If you think you are, does the way you present yourself to men represent that? If not, you need to work on yourself. You need to ensure good guys see you as a good girl.

Meeting a good guy is all about how you approach dating. It’s about how you present and carry yourself. Above all, it’s about your approach and attitude towards dating and where you look for men.

Are you one of the many single women in Santa Ana struggling to meet good guys on her own? Are you tired of ending up with losers and jerks?

Contact our Orange County matchmakers today and let us introduce you to good guys who are worthy of your time. Let us introduce you to quality single men in Orange County who are fit to date and a great match for you!

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