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Are you one of the many singles in Orange County who finds dating daunting? Here at Orange County Singles Dating Service, we’ve heard it all before.

It’s possible that back in the day, a husband and children were part of our vision for the perfect life. But if the years keep passing and you’ve been unhappy on the search for love, maybe that’s all changed. It’s possible that the single life is what you need right now. If you’re dreading the thought of another first date, then you might be sick of dating.

Top 5 Signs You’re Tired of Dating

Today, our expert matchmakers are going to show you the top signs you’re tired of dating. If you find yourself dreading dating, you’re not alone. There are many singles in Orange County who feel the same way as you do.

1. Dates are horrible.

You have a huge anxiety attack before you go on a first date. Moreover, it continues through every second of the getting to know stage. Then you never end up talking to the guy again anyways. Ugh! You’re starting to resent the entire dating process. In a way, you’re actually self-sabotaging. You’re only going out to meet these guys to say that you tried. But you hate it. Maybe it’s better you take a small break from dating.

2. You feel the pressure from everyone.

The only reason you’re even actively searching for love is based on the pressure you get from your friend and parents. They won’t stay quiet about weddings and babies even though both seem like far-off illusions for you. Remember, your friends and parents are looking out for your best interest. At the same time, they’ve lived their lives and made their own choices. The choice to date is yours and only yours.

3. You don’t feel attracted to anyone.

You may have a few celebrity crushes, but when it comes to the real world, you just don’t click with anyone you date. No wonder you hate dating right now. It’s almost like you’re just tired of interacting with people. After all, it seems like it’s always people you know you don’t like despite them being a good people. You can’t find someone compatible and are growing more frustrated every day.

4. You’ve been totally fine living on your own.

You’ve been so independent that you don’t need anyone in your life right now. In fact, introducing someone else to your life might make things a little more chaotic. You have your own routine and your own patterns. In other words, you just don’t know if you can adjust to anyone else’s schedule right now.

5. You’re at peace flying solo.

When you think about the next 10 years of your life, you’re not scared of the fact that you may be doing things on your own. You’re already used to eating out alone and seeing movies on your own. Furthermore, thinking about doing the same thing for the next couple of years doesn’t scare you. You actually enjoy your own company and the freedom that you have by doing things you want to do.

Sometimes, dating can become frustration – so frustrating that it’s hindering your chances at love altogether. A lot of singles in Orange County find themselves so fed up with dating that it’s time to take a break. As matchmakers, we know that it’s sometimes beneficial, even necessary to take a dating break. We’re not saying to give up on love altogether. Just a month or two to detox from all your dating stress is a great way to re-energize and get back to dating with a fresh outlook and attitude.

Ready to come back to dating? Want to put your single life behind you? Contact our Orange County matchmakers today and let us help you meet the one. Let us introduce you to quality singles in Orange County with whom you share long-term compatibility. Let us find your perfect match!

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