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A lot of women in Irvine have a list of things they find attractive in men, such as good hair, a nice smile, big muscles, a certain height, a sense of humor, and much more. But what about the things they dislike in men? What about all those things that make women cringe and say things like “I can’t believe he’s such a hog,” or “He’s so rude”? These aren’t exactly deal breakers, but they’re certainly not going to help single men in Orange County attract modern women. We’re not picking on the guys, because these things go both ways.

Beyond first impressions on a first date, these unattractive qualities are the things women notice immediately. Even if he looks like a model from a magazine, has a successful career, and is a smooth talker, if he does any of the things our Newport Beach matchmakers mention below, it’s going to be a huge turn off.

Some of these turn offs might sound familiar, like having bad manners or poor hygiene, but others might surprise everyone reading this. For the guys reading this dating blog, our Newport Beach matchmakers want you to start taking a few notes. For the ladies, let us know if these unattractive qualities are deal breakers for you, or if we missed any you want us to add!

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1. Bad Manners

Obviously bad manners had to be number one. Bad manners are unattractive quality in both men and women. Women who are looking for love in Orange County definitely don’t’ want to be with a man who has bad manners, as it is a huge turn off. From the regular bad table manners, like chewing with one’s mouth open to texting at the table, to other generally bad manners, like being disrespectful to the wait staff or not seating a woman first, bad manners will never give off a good vibe or lead to a second date.

For the guys reading this, bad manners read immaturity, not something that is going to impress a classy woman. It shows women that you don’t care about what they think of you, and this is not boyfriend material.

2. Constant Complaining

Everyone has something that annoys them, but if you’re on a date complaining about everything in the world, you need to stop. It’s very unattractive. Ladies don’t want to be with a negative Ned, just like you don’t want to be with a negative Nancy. Women dislike men who are constantly complaining about everything in life.

Whining about an ex-girlfriend, complaining about the slow food service, or griping about problems at work will never impress a woman. There is no bigger red flag to a woman than constant complaining.

3. Clinginess

It’s one thing to have a guy fawn all over you and it’s quite another to have a man who won’t leave you alone. Women are often blamed for this one, but men can be just as guilty as women.

It’s sweet when a man lets a woman know he is thinking about her, but it’s not so attractive when he goes overboard. Of course, you should always make your woman a priority and devote time to her. But if you are constantly calling her and texting her, you’re going to come off as stalkerish or clingy. Women have their own lives, so make sure you have your own, too.

4. Gym Obsessions

For all the single men in Orange County reading this, we’re here to tell you that women appreciate a nice body, with abs and big arms, but when a man only talks about the gym, what he eats, his last cheat meal, and his workout routines, the interests immediately switches off.

We get it, you love the gym, but it’s time to talk about something else on your dates. Guys who can’t stop talking about lifting weights and take a million mirror selfies at the gym are the equivalent to women who can’t stop talking about their new diets. It’s boring, and it makes you sound like you’re self-absorbed and obsessed with the gym. Being healthy is fabulous, but if it takes up 90% of the conversation on dates, women are going to pass on you.

5. Gaming Obsessions

Unless you found yourself a gamer girl, nobody is going to want to date you because women men with game obsessions to be unattractive and juvenile. Women think of men who play nonstop video games to be immature, not relationship material.

If you spend most of your free time glued to your screen with your game controllers glued to your hands, no woman is going to give you the time of day. There is something about a grown man playing video games that makes women cringe.

6. Bad Hygiene

As the leading Newport Beach matchmakers, we know that first impressions are everything in the dating world. It’s never a good idea to show up to a date not looking and smelling your very best. If you look like you just left the gym and smell like a gym locker, women are going to be embarrassed and find you to be very unattractive. If you don’t take any pride in yourself, how can you take any pride in her, and better yet care for her?

Stained teeth, stinky breath, no deodorant, greasy hair, long nails, and peeling skin might all be superficial to you, but they’re also very unattractive to women. You only get one chance to get with her and you’re definitely not going to do it by smelling like a gym locker room. Have some respect for yourself and for her. If a man puts in minimal effort to impress a woman, she will not want to see him again.

For all the guys reading this, now you know exactly what women find unattractive in men. If some of the things we mentioned above hit home, it’s time to change your bad habits so you can finally start attracting women.

Ladies, we know we got all of them right, but if we missed any, feel free to share them with us.

If you’re single and looking for love in Orange County, let our Newport Beach matchmakers introduce you to relationship-minded men and women who are looking for love, too. To start meeting quality singles, fill out the survey at the top of the page and request your FREE matchmaking consultation today!

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