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Have you noticed that your boyfriend is acting weird lately? Has he stopped text messaging you throughout the day? Does he come home and immediately get in the shower? Has he been devoting a lot of time to the gym and putting a lot of efforts into his appearance? As professional matchmakers, we know it’s the little things that disguise something major, such as a breakup.

Sometimes these signs are intentional. He might be giving you cues that he no longer wants to be in a relationship with you so you’re not blindsided when he leaves. If you suspect your man is getting ready to split, take a look at the signs from the leading upscale dating service in Irvine and get your answer today. If you notice a few of these odd behaviors, then he may be getting ready to break up with you.

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1. He has completely changed his appearance.

Have you noticed your boyfriend’s look is a bit different lately? Maybe he went shopping and bought himself a new wardrobe, or perhaps he’s just dressing a little differently—more fashionably. Maybe he’s going to the gym for a few hours every day and is developing a killer six pack. Either way, you notice his style and appearance is changing for the better.

As professional matchmakers, we know this is a major indication he is changing his life. It might be for you, but it could be for another woman. He might be spending time with someone else, which is why he is changing his looks. If your man never lifted a weight in his life or never cared about his looks but is suddenly devoting a lot of time into his appearance, prepare yourself.

2. He’s no longer affectionate.

You went from cuddling every night and watching TV shows together to facing the opposite direction and barely talking in bed. You went from having sex twice a week to barely getting a kiss from him all month long. It’s hard to give someone a hug, spoon them, or kiss them when they already have their mind on someone else. If his affection has suddenly stopped, then it might be because he has another woman.

Men find it very difficult to fake their emotions, so you should be able to tell by his actions. Physical actions are a large part of a relationship, and if he has stopped the loving and affectionate gestures with you, then he’s either over you or already thinking about someone else. Does he sit far away from you on the sofa? Does it feel like you can barely get him to look your way? Then he might be ready to call it quits.

3. He always has an excuse.

Have you noticed that your boyfriend is coming up with excuse after excuse? Then he might be ready to leave you. You might have started asking him to do more things together out of fear he’s going to leave you, and every time you do, well, he always has an excuse. He has to get up early to go into work, he has a stomach bug, or he’s going to visit family (something he normally would have invited you along for). He might tell you that he has friends coming into town or whatever excuse comes to his head right then and there.

As the leading upscale dating service in Irvine, we know that when a man starts giving excuses, the relationship will soon come to an end. Essentially an excuse is a justification for not wanting to do something. He is giving you excuses to get out of spending time with you. Excuses often mean that a person is driving something out or giving themselves time to get prepared to break up.

4. He always starts fights.

It might seem like all you do lately is fight. Has your boyfriend been starting fights nonstop lately? Sit back and think of all the fights you got into over the last few weeks and why. If you feel he was the one initiating everything, then that might mean he’s ready to break up with you. Constant bickering is an excuse and an added reason to break up with you. Perhaps he is frustrated in the relationship and is taking his anger out on you.

He clearly doesn’t want to fix the problem, which is the reason he continues to pick fights with you. As matchmakers, we know that every relationship has its ups and down, but if you find yourself fighting every day, then it’s clear your relationship has gone sour. A fight might give him the perfect opportunity to storm out of the house. A rocky relationship is the perfect reason to walk out—or worse, to cheat.

5. He has a wandering eye.

As professional matchmakers, we know men are entitled to look at beautiful women. In fact, it’s completely normal to do so. But have you noticed that your boyfriend has been checking out women left and right the last few weeks? Then you have every reason to be concerned. If he has an ogling eye in front of you, can you imagine what he does behind your back? Staring at other women is a sign he is looking or is already interested in someone else.

Since he doesn’t want to be with you anymore, he is looking to see what else is out there so he knows what he’s up against when he gets back in the OC dating scene. Looking at other women can be harmless, but it can also be a red flag. If quick glances turn to minute-long stares, then he’s scoping the dating scene.

How many of these signs do you see in your boyfriend? Do you think he’s getting ready to leave and go his separate way?

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